Where can you find 700 contact lense cases, orphaned Lego pieces and tokens to an arcade that burned down 10 years ago? That's right, your junk drawer! It serves as a halfway-house for stuff too obscure to categorize, yet too sacred to throw away.

So, I created my own "virtual-reality techno Junk Drawer of the future" right here on thismayhurt.com. Not only will I be throwing shit in here whenever the mood strikes me, but so will my very special guest, Rachel "Why Are You Making Me Do This?" Corus. So strap yourselves in, as we're all bound to be on a crash course with "wackiness." Enjoy.

December 2004

BANNED // lacki threw this into the junk drawer on Monday, 12.13.04
Well, it looks like I've gone and pissed off the Chinese government again, as TMH has been added to the list of websites that are banned in China. Of course, it's not very hard to have your site banned by the Chinese government... just make an offhand comment about how you want to KILL ALL CHINESE OFFICIALS WITH YOUR UNSTOPPABLE AMERICAN FISTS and you'll find yourself at the top of the list. Or at the bottom of the list, like me. I never thought I'd see my site on a list with such heavy hitters as Something Awful, Columbia University, and the list itself.

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