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February 2002

We got Death Star, we got Death Star, we got Death Star...
Sam Jackson kills some stuff in new Episode II clip | Thursday, 02.28.02

Ugh, ugh, ugh, spurt.

Qué pasa contigo mi hermano?
Gorillaz concert at the Hammerstein tomorrow. | Wednesday, 02.27.02
God, I've been waiting to see the Gorillaz ever since I picked up their album over the summer. Me and Rach will be seeing them tomorrow at the Hammerstein, and we couldn't be more excited. I have a new respect for bizarre music minus screaming and yelling, because all other forms of audio expression have betrayed me. Although it's cliched, music just isn't as cool when you hear it on the radio every waking moment. The Gorillaz can't sell out because a) they're British and b) the lead singer is from Blur, and we all know how well they were accepted by American audiences.

So, I'm all excited to go, then I check out this story at MTVnews which gives the Gorillaz first US performance in Boston a review that basically says, "eh." Not that I trust anyone who works for the highly reputable Kurt Loder, the Walter Kronkite of news no one cares about, but still, the review wasn't really positive and wasn't really negative either. It just existed in this vacuum of weirdness.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of concerts. Of course I kill myself to get tickets, but afterwards, I'm always left unfulfilled. Usually, it's because I'm sweating, being knocked over by 13 year olds or suffering some degree of head trauma. But, now, in my ripe old age, I bought two tickets on the upper level for tomorrow's show. I'm hitting old man territory now. I may bring a cushion and some sam'whiches.

I have to be creative? This may hurt.
or, how to create a first update that no one will ever read. | Wednesday, 02.27.02
Well, well, well. A domain to call my own. After abandoning my last site, white.noise I decided that I can't function normally without some sort of internet presence. Call it a hobby or a sick desire to make my business known to random schmoes across the globe. Either way, here's the obligatory "about the author" section that you normally skip over when reading some harlequin romance novel.

I'm 20 years old, attending Rutgers University in Newark, currently seeking employment after quitting my work as a stockboy at a CVS. I have a girlfriend whom I am deeply attached to, and whom I spend almost all of my free time with. I love her to death and we keep each other sane.

white.noise was created during a difficult time in my life, and the site often reflected that. It was the stile project without girls shitting on each other, fueled on not knowing what to do with myself and having way too much free time. It is my goal to keep this may hurt as positive as humanly possible. So does that mean toned down language and a newly discovered love of Evan and Jaron? Fuck no! Just less bitching about the trivial aspects of life, as suicidal blog sites are so last year.

Right now, the site is very bare boned, but it will constantly be a work in progress. What bothered me about my last site was having to fuck with HTML everytime I wanted to update (ie: type the update, add the code for new tables, add the pictures, get ready to upload, computer crashes, I sit there, sobbingly carving ethnic slurs into my arms.) But now! Now we're cooking with gas. Thanks to the wonderful power of SSI's and CGI goodness, updating this may hurt is as easy as signing in, typing it up and hitting "submit story." I'm running News Publisher v 1.06, which I learned about thanks to the good people at badassmofo.com.

So, I promise, this is the blandest update you will ever read here. It is also the longest update you will ever read here. So, I'd tell you to stay and look around, but there isn't much too see. Move along.



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